How to invest in Us stock market ?

Invest in US stocks
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If you are interested in starting to invest in us stock market, it will be a great way to start investing in us stock market. Us stock market is one of the largest stock markets in the world. Some of the most successful companies can offer a wide range of benefits. It is important to know the ins and outs of investing in the us stock market. In this article we discuss how to invest in us stock market , the benefits of invest in us stock market and risk of this market. 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • invest in us stocks
  • Benefits of Investing in US Stock Market
  • invest in us stocks from india
    • Choosing a Broker
    • Funding Your Account
    • Placing a Trade
  • US Stocks Charges
  • Cheapest Way to Invest in US Stocks
  • Can I Invest Directly in US Stocks?
  • Risks of Investing in US Stocks
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Investing in the stock market can be an exciting way to grow your wealth. It has lots of options and strategies to make a good portfolio. But it has risks also, so without learning about the stock market don’t invest. In this article we will try to give you a full guide on how to invest in us stock market.

Invest in us stocks

The US stock market is the collection of stock exchanges where people can buy and sell stocks publicly from those companies who are listed in the US stock market. Some famous stock exchanges in the US are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ and Chicago stock exchange. 

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Benefit of investing in US stock market

Investing in US stock market can offer a range of benefits: 

  1. High potential for return: the long term strategy in the US market has historically provided high return compared to other investments like bonds and real estate.
  2. Diversifications : Investing in US stock market you can make good portfolio 
  3. Exposure to the global market : There are lots of US companies that have a global present. Giving investors exposure to the international stock market without investing directly. 
  4. Liquidity : US stock market one of the most liquidity stock markets in the world. That means investors easily buy and sell stocks. 

Invest in US stocks from india

Follow these steps to invest in US stock from India

Choose broker

Invest in US stock market you need to choose a broker. A broker can be a person or a company who provides services to buy and sell stocks in US stock market. Some popular online brokers – TD Ameritrade, E*trade and Robinhood. 

Funding your Account

After choosing a broker you need to add funds in your account. You can add an amount through debit/credit card, bank transfer etc. Each broker has his own minimum deposit required, so it is important to check before opening an account. 

Price a Trade

After your funding is added to your account you can start buying and selling stocks. You can place a trade , search for a stock which you want to invest in the broker platform, then execute the order. You can set the market price or limit price before executing your order. 

US Stock Charges

You should know about charges if you invest in US stock market. There are some charges you need to pay such as brokerage fee, transaction fee and foreign exchange fees, it is applicable if you are investing outside of the US. It is important to understand the fees then you can go for investment strategy.

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Cheapest way to invest in US stock

One of the cheapest ways to invest in US stock market is to choose a commission free broker. Some of the popular brokers which are not charging those are Robinhood, Welbull, and M1 finance. These brokers are not charging brokers on trade in US stock market. They may charges for other service. 

Another way to minimise your cost is to choose investing in index funds or ETFs, these funds are charges low brokerage than mutual funds, and can provide you good portfolio in US stock market.

Can I invest Directly in US stock Market ?

Yes, it is possible to invest directly in Us stock market as a foreigner, but the process can be more complicated than choosing a broker and investing through brokers. One requirement is obtaining a tax identification number from the IRS. as a foreigner you may need to open a US bank account and follow tax regulations. 

Risk of Investment in US stock

When you go for any stock market investment there is risk involved, similarly to risk to invest in US stock market. You can see there is more liquidity than other stock exchanges. The value of stock fluctuates based on market trends, economic factors , events, and other factors. You may face company specific risk, so before investment you need to research the company financial report, performance , earning report, growth potential etc. 


Investing in US stock market can be a good way to make your wealth for a long time but you should be aware of the risk reward to invest in US stock and their Brokerage charges. And you need to know how to invest in US stock market. You need to build a solid investment strategy and your own research then you can start invest in US stocks and make achieve your goal.

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It depends on choosing the brokers, because some brokers require a minimum amount of deposit. And also depends on which stock you want to invest in. 

Yes, it is possible to invest in US stocks from India. Many brokers allow international investors to invest in US stocks. 

Yes, Investing in US stocks  can build your wealth. You will receive a high return from US stocks. 

There are lots of popular stocks in US stock, the most popular stocks are Apple, Amazon, Microsoft,Alphabet, and facebook. 

Some risks in investing in the stock market include market volatility , economic factors and company specific risks. 

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