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Stock market
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If you are interested in investing in the stock market, but don’t know How to learn stock market? Where to start, you are not alone, many people come to start investing in the stock market but they don’t know how to start, or how to learn stock market. But with the right guidance you can learn about stock market. In this article we will discuss the basics of how to learn stock market. And it will help to take the first step to be a successful investor.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Stock Market
  • Setting Investment Goals
  • Building a Solid Foundation
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Trading Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Investing in Stocks
  • Diversification
  • Long-Term Investing
  • Short-Term Trading
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Staying Informed
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Investing in the stock market can be a good way to create wealth for a long time. But it can also be risky if you don’t know how to invest in the stock market. So before investing you have to learn about stock market. After learning the basic stock market you can go to invest in the stock market. 

Understanding Stock market

Before you start investing in the stock market, you need to understand what is stock market, How it works. Stock market is a platform where investors can buy and sell stocks and other securities publicly. When a person buys a stock he becomes a small owner of that company. 

And as per company value increases or decreases your stock value also increases or decreases. You can also received dividend from this company, it can be passive income for you.

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Setting Investment Goals

Before starting investing in the stock market, you should set your investment goals. This will help you stay in the stock market for a long time, and you can focus and make good decisions for your investment. Your investment goal should be specific and risk tolerant. How much you can tolerate the loss.  You can set goal percentage wise or any fixed amount of some period wise it depends on you.

Building a Solid Foundation.

To be a successful investor in the stock market you need the end result of building a solid foundation of knowledge or building a profitable strategy. This you can build to understand the different types of stocks, Market trend, role of brokers and financial advisor and various investment ways. This will help you to build a solid foundation. 

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a key factor to know about the stock. It will help you for long term investment. Fundamental analysis will include various ways, such as Company revenue, earning report, growth potential, and many more you need to analyse about the company. If you do complete fundamental research about the stock you will minimise your risk. 

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis will help you to identify the price action and chat pattern of that stock, so you can track the market trend. Through technical analysis you can make decisions for the short term as well as long term. Technical analysis will help you a lot when you need to buy stocks or sell stocks. 

Trading Strategy

When you start investing in the stock market you can see there are lots of different trading strategies you can use in the stock market. But you need to use it as per your investing goal and risk tolerance. Some common trading strategies are value investing, Growth investing, Dividend investing, Support and Resistance, Super trend, RSI, MACD etc..

Risk Management

One of the most important factors to know about risk management in the stock market. Here you can manage your risk, there are lots of ways to manage your risk such as stop loss, understand the risk reward to invest, different types of investment, and  need to invest in different industries with different stocks. Some rules you need to follow to lose your capital.

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Investing in stocks

When you want to invest in stock market there are two main ways to invest : Long term investing and short term investing. If you choose long term investing that means you will buy stocks and hold that stock for long term similarly if you choose short term investment that means you will buy and sell stocks for a short period. You want quick results so that you can choose short term investment. But there is more risk in short term investment. 


Diversification is a strategy that involves investing in different stocks with different industries, that will minimise your risk. By investing in different sectors and asset classes , you can reduce your risk of investment in the stock market. It will have a similar impact to your portfolio. 

Long term investment

Long term investment is a strategy in which you invest in the stock market and hold that stock for a long time, you need to hold one or more than one year. Long term investment strategy is a good strategy to make a good portfolio with low risk. For long term investment you can also receive a dividend from that company, which can be your passive income.

Short term investment

Short term investment means you will buy and sell stocks quickly and take advantage of short term price movement. This strategy is more risky than long term investment. But here also you can make higher returns in a short period. For short term investment you need to do technical analysis properly. 

Common Mistake to avoid

There are some common mistakes most new investors make when they start investing in the stock market. These are like without plan, didn’t manage risk ratio, lots of trade in a day, didn’t understand market trends, didn’t research about stocks, making decisions emotionally etc. It is important to avoid these mistakes and stay focused on your investment goal. 

Stay update about stock market

To be a successful investor you need to stay updated about stock market, market trend, company information etc. this means you should always keep updated with financial news, analysis, annual report, and other financial documents and always follow market trends. 


Investing in stock market will be challenging but we learn how to invest in stock market, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, investment strategy, risk management, common mistakes and stay updated about stock market. Follow these steps you can build a successful portfolio and achieve your investment goal.

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You can start investing in the stock market with a small amount , it can be 100 or more depending on which stock you want to buy.

It depends on you, if you have time and investment knowledge then you can invest in individual stocks, where you face risk but receive high returns. If you don’t have time to analyse and knowledge where you need to invest you can go for a mutual fund. Or you can invest both.

It depends on you and stocks performance. Some investor hold stocks for years and some investor buy and sell quickly

There are many great resources available in India to learn about stock market, like financial news websites, investment books and courses, and offline classes. 

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Yes it is possible to make money in the stock market, but it requires knowledge and discipline.

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