Stock market Today : top gainers and losers

Stock market today
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Stock market investing can be interesting and exciting. But it is also that much of a risk if you will not manage your risk you will lose your capital. So to be a successful investor it’s important to update about the stock market and manage your risk and become a successful investor. In this article we will discuss today’s top gainers and losers.

Gainer :

  1. Zoom video communication (ZM) : Zoom video communication is a video conferencing company which is demanding from covid time. This stock increased 5% today. Investors continue investing in this stock. 
  2. Tata Steel : Everyone knows about this stock, Today Tata steel is the top gainer. Tata steel stock increased 4% today. This stock continues giving profit to their investors. Tata steel stock had strong financial performance last quarter. 
  3. Bajaj Finserv : Bajaj finserv stock has also increased 3% today.  If you see, this stock always gives profit to their investors. If you see the last 5 year financial statement every year increase revenue with profit. 
  4. Hindalco : Hindalco is an aluminium and copper manufacturing company. Hindalco stock increased 2% today. Hindalco announced an increased production capacity. Which is good news to their investors. As per moneycontrol 75%  users recommend buying Hindalco stock. 

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Losers: ​

  1. Reliance Industries : Reliance stock value fell today 2%. This happened when the Reliance company announced the delay of the launch of 5G service. But if you analyse the last 3 year price performance, reliance gives 93.98% growth to their investors. 
  2. ICICI bank : ICICI Bank stock price has fallen down 1% today. Which is actually the impact of rising interest rates on bank’s profit. But here also 87% investors buy ICICI bank stock and only 13% investors sell icici bank stock. 
  3. HDFC Bank : HDFC bank stock has also fallen down 1% Today. The concern about the impact of rising inflation on the bank loan. But as per broker research more brokers suggest buying HDFC bank stock.

Investors should keep updating day to day in the stock market. And it’s important to do your own research about the company before investing in any stock. You can take advice to your financial advisor then invest in stocks. 

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The stock market is constantly changing with daily winners and losers. By your own research and analysis stay in your investment strategy with discipline. In the short term there is more volatility so invest for the long term.That will help you to make a good portfolio.

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Stock prices are performance by a variety of factors, including economic indicators, company performance, news events, and investor sentiment.

While it can be good to chase short-term gains, it’s important to have a well-profitable portfolio that includes a mix of stocks, bonds, and other assets to minimize your risk.

Common mistakes like investing based on emotions rather than data, buying or selling based on short-term market trends.

You can stay informed by financial news, reading company reports and financial statements, and working with a financial advisor who can provide expert guidance and advice.

Strategies for managing risk setting stop-loss orders to limit potential losses, and investing in a mix of assets that have different risk profiles.


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